University Hospital offers patients top-ranked heart medical experts with state-of-the-art cardiovascular diagnostic services, and the latest treatments available. University Hospital’s Cardiovascular team of specialists are dedicated to patients with all stages and types of heart disease, including many who believe they are without options.

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The University Hospital 150 Bergen Street, I-246 Newark, New Jersey 07103

The heart care team at University Hospital is comprised of experts in multiple disciplines of heart disease, that allows for comprehensive, personalized care. This select team is at the forefront of the latest research and treatment advances including the latest medical therapy, minimally invasive procedures, and complex surgical procedures. You will receive the highest level of care from our skilled team.
The health and safety of our patients, families and staff remains our top priority. If you or a loved one is seeking diagnosis and treatment of a cardiac condition, please contact us.

University Hospital
150 Bergen Street I-246
Newark, NJ 07103

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