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We know that when you or someone you love needs hospital care, worrying about financial issues can be particularly stressful. But if you do not have insurance or your insurance does not cover all the costs, there are many federal and state sources of financial assistance that may be available to you. Eligibility requirements and the application process may be different depending upon the program. It is important that you meet with a Financial Assistance Advisor as soon as possible to learn more about what is right for you. Do not worry, our staff in the Financial Counseling Department is here to help you every step of the way and our services are always free!


We specialize in the four major programs that are available to help New Jersey residents. Eligibility for these programs depends upon your family’s income, residency criteria and other assets. You will need to provide documents that show income and assets. When you meet with one of our Financial Assistance Advisors, he/she will provide you with a detailed list of what you need to do or provide.


New Jersey Residents of Essex County interested in applying for Medicaid can apply online at : www.njfamilycare.org/apply

Residents of other New Jersey counties should call 800-701-0710 to locate their local agency for guidance on how to apply in their county.


SSI – Emergency Medicaid

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a Federal income supplement program funded by general tax revenue. It is designed to help aged, blind and disabled people with minimum or no income. The program supplements Medicaid benefits with a monthly income stipend that can help with basic needs such as food, clothing and housing. University Hospital has contracted with an onsite vendor to assist patients who meet the eligibility criteria with the application process.

NJ Family Care

NJ FamilyCare is a Federal and State funded health insurance program to help qualified New Jersey residents up to the age of 64 years old obtain affordable health insurance. NJ FamilyCare is for people who do not have employer insurance. Staff from the hospital’s Financial Counseling Department will assist you in completing the application. The application is then forwarded to the County Board of Social Services or the State vendor in Trenton for processing. You will hear directly from the processing agency regarding the status of your application.

Having trouble choosing a health plan? University Hospital Financial Assistance Advisors are here to help! During January 2023, the public can meet directly with our advisors to review their options and select a plan th meets their need. Click here for more information on these sessions. 


Presumptive Eligibility – Medicaid

This program provides temporary coverage for persons who meet some basic eligibility criteria so that their healthcare costs can be covered while the formal Medicaid or Family Care application is processed. It provides 45 days of coverage from the initial date of the application.


No Fault/Worker’s Compensation

No-Fault auto insurance laws require every driver to file a claim with their own insurance company after an accident, regardless of who was at fault. A claim can be filed even when you do not have auto insurance; someone living within the household that does have auto insurance can file a claim on your behalf. Worker’s Compensation is a type of business insurance that provides benefits to employees who suffer work- related injuries or illnesses. Specifically, this insurance helps pay for medical care, wages from lost work time and more. University Hospital has partnered with a company who can assist with applying and completing this process.


Charity Care

Unlike Medicaid and NJ Family Care, which provides ongoing coverage for healthcare services, including physician services and drugs, Charity Care is designed to aid and cover the costs of hospital services only. In order to apply for Charity Care, you must have a scheduled appointment in the hospital within 30 days and have been registered in the hospital’s electronic record system or have received a hospital bill within the last 24 months. You should know that your immigration status will be taken into consideration and may affect your eligibility.

Staff from the Financial Counseling Department will assist you with the application.

The application will be forwarded to the hospital’s Patient Accounts department and a decision about your eligibility will be made within 10 business days.


Specialty Pharmacy Financial Assistance

University Hospital has an advanced model for helping patient’s lower prescription drug costs to achieve desired health outcomes. Our Specialty Pharmacy Liaison staff located in the Ambulatory Care Center will verify your eligibility and work with you and your healthcare provider on enrollment into the assistance program that best meets your medication needs”. Requests for pharmacy financial assistance can be sent via email to: SpecialtyPharmacyLiasons@uhnj.org


For more information on any of these programs or questions on how you may apply, please contact any of the following telephone numbers:


Assistant Manager

No Fault and Worker’s Compensation

SSI/Emergency Medicaid

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