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“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” ~Elizabeth Andrew

Program overview:
We are so excited you’re interested in volunteering with us. Volunteers at The University Hospital NJ graciously provide their time and talents to serve our patients and their families. Volunteers make up 200 vital members of our team. They work in a variety of areas to enhance the experiences of the patients and staff at the hospital. Some of the ways that they assist are by providing friendly visits to patients on nursing care units, assisting with transporting patients throughout the building, while others work on special events, or by providing administrative or clerical support. Ultimately, our volunteers are dedicated to providing the best experience for our patients and their loved ones.

Types of Volunteers
Volunteers are categorized into five categories – adult, teen, At Your Service Interns, Emergency Department Research Associate Interns and Spiritual Services/Chaplaincy volunteers.

Adult Volunteers
To be an adult volunteer, you must be over the age of 18.

Teen Volunteers:
Our teen program is designed to instill the spirit of volunteerism with our youth. Teen volunteers must be 16 or 17 years of age and have your parent’s permission. Reference letters are furnished for teen participants after they have completed 50 hours of service within a 3- 5 month period. The time volunteered should be consecutive.

At Your Service Internship:
Our At Your Service Intern Program allows college students that are studying Social Work, Psychology, Nursing, Pre-Medicine, or Hospitality to engage in a non-clinical learning experience at University Hospital. For additional information about this program, please click here.

Emergency Department Research Associate Internship Program
The Research Associates internship program is a clinical research assistant (RA) program in the Emergency Department of the University Hospital. RAs will assist the ED staff in ongoing research and quality improvement projects to improve the quality and safety of care provided to their patients. If you are interested in becoming an Emergency Department Research Associate Intern, please click here to apply.

Spiritual Services/Chaplaincy
Chaplains representing many faiths are welcomed to be a caring presence, offer spiritual and emotional support, and listen with openness and understanding. If you are interested in becoming a Spiritual Services volunteer, Applications currently on hold until the end of August 2019.

Volunteer Requirements:
To maintain the quality of our program, volunteers are required to complete a health screening including annual TB testing, complete a criminal background screening (Adults over 18 years of age) and  attend a 3 hour orientation program. This program provides education on all the areas that will foster success in the program. They include health care safety, patient confidentiality, and enhancing the patient and guest experience. Volunteers are required to provide 6 months of service and work 4 hours per week, though more hours are welcomed. Proper attire is required at all times, volunteers are provided a uniform jacket/shirt.

How to Join Us
The experience of volunteering comes with a great deal of responsibility. Our first job is to always be helpful – we must also be courteous, dependable, punctual and maintain confidentiality as we learn new things and meet new people.

*Due to the high volume of volunteer applications that we receive, we are unable to grant service hours to every applicant. After careful consideration, each applicant is selected based on both experience and placement opportunities/availability. Because of this, please understand that not all applicants will be selected and/or contacted to volunteer. If your application is selected, you will be contacted and invited for an informational session/interview.

Your contributions to our hospital, patients and staff are deeply appreciated. On behalf of everyone at University Hospital, Thank you – from the bottom of our hearts!

Please contact us with any questions: Guest Relations Department at 973-972-4063 or email us at volunteer@uhnj.org

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