Voluntary Benefits

M3 Technology

M3 Technology provides Hospital Employees that are actively working guaranteed acceptance (no physical or blood test required) for voluntary benefit plans paid through payroll deductions. To apply for coverage, please call 844-229-5630 or 917-602-7490. More information on voluntary benefits can be found by clicking here.

The policies offered are:

    • Universal Voluntary Life– Permanent Life Insurance coverage with a cash value that continues to grow.
    • Disability Insurance – Comprehensive disability policy that can provide financial protection during an illness.
    • Accident Insurance – Accident insurance will provide cash payments to you due to a covered accident.
    • Critical Illness – Critical illness insurance will pay you a lump sum cash payment upon your diagnosis of a covered condition.
    • Pet Insurance – Click this link https://spotpet.link/uhnto to get a quote or call 1-800-905-1595. UH staff will get a 10% discount and a $25 Amazon gift card if you enroll before December 31st. Please note that this benefit will be directly billed to you it will not be processed through payroll deduction. More information on Pet Insurance can be found by clicking here.
    • Wellness Program (WEMOFIT) – This program puts wellness into motion by providing professional nutritionist and access to virtual training. They also provide access to corporate fitness challenges to assist you in meeting your goals. For more information on this free wellness program call 908-209-4824 or visit their website at https://www.wemofit.com/
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