After Weight Loss Surgery

Recovery and Hospital Stay

Depending on the type of procedure and the patient, the amount of recovery time and hospital stay varies. Many patients return to normal daily activity one to two weeks after surgery, but everyone is different, and patients should always consult their surgeon before beginning new activities. Patients must be driven home by a friend or a relative after discharge from the hospital.

Nutrition & Care Plan

Before being discharged from the hospital, patients are required to comfortably tolerate an adequate amount of clear liquids. Once discharged, post-operative patients transition through four stages of the post-operative nutrition plan –clear liquids, full liquids, soft/puree, and a modified diet of full solids. The transition through all stages of the recovery diet will happen over about six weeks following your surgery. Our registered dietitian is available to patients every step of the way if needed.
Your surgeon will outline the required check-ups and medical appointments following surgery. You should expect appointments at two, six, and 10 weeks following surgery.

Ongoing Support

University Hospital and our comprehensive bariatrics team are committed to be part of your weight loss journey for as long as you need us. We are committed to your success. Our Bariatric Patient Navigator is available to assist you in the weeks and months following surgery.

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