Transplant Nurse Coordinators

Upon the first visit, the patient will meet with a transplant coordinator—a Registered Nurse with special training in transplantation. The Transplant Coordinator, with help from the Patient Navigators, schedules all tests and appointments from pre- evaluation to follow up care. This individual will be the patient’s main clinical partner through the transplantation process, explaining every step along the way.

Waitlist Nurse Coordinator Supervisor
For patients who have been officially added to the UNOS waitlist at University Hospital.
LuAnne Ivanoe, RN, BSN
Phone: 973-972-8239

Pre-Transplant Nurse Coordinators
For patients who are in the process of being evaluated for a possible liver transplant.

For patients whose last name begins with A-L
Ashley Emmett, RN

For patients whose last name begins with M-Z
Niasha Collins, RN

Post-Transplant Nurse Coordinators
For patients who have received a liver transplant and are getting follow-up care at University Hospital.

Esther Aligmayo, RN, BSN
Phone: 973-972-9619

Melissa Flores, RN, BSN
Phone: 973-972-6616


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