Patient Navigators

The patient’s initial contact with the center will be with a patient navigator. They will arrange initial appointments with the team, and obtain records from the referring physician office. The navigators work side by side with the Transplant Coordinator to assist the patient during the evaluation and waitlist periods.

Patients whose last name begins with A-L
Julie Vargas, CMA
Phone: 973-972-3163
Fax: 973-972-2605

Patients whose last name begins with M-Z
Jeanette Torres
Phone: 973-972-9460
Fax: 973-972-1375

Patients who have already been added to the UNOS Liver Transplant Waitlist
Anjaya West, CMA
Phone: 973-972-8059
Fax: 973-972-3866

Patients who have already received a transplant
Lucy Palacio, ACT
Phone: 973-972-5442
Fax: 973-972-6227

Tiffany Jones, CCVT
Phone: 973-972-7836
Fax: 973-972-6227

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