Financial Coordinators


The Financial Coordinators meet with the patient and family members to discuss specific information regarding the costs of transplantation, including insurance and prescription coverage as well as any out-of-pocket expenses. The coordinator will go over any financial issues related to medical care, both before and after the transplant, as well as identify options and create a plan that works best for the patient and family. For patients with inadequate health insurance, the financial coordinator will advise and refer the patient to an appropriate agency for eligibility. It is essential the patient communicate any changes in insurance to your coordinator.

For all patients whose last name begins with A-I
Chukwuka Ndukwe, BA, 973-972-9614

For all patients whose last name begins with J-Q
Frances Alvarez, 973-972-2872

For all patients whose last name begins with R-Z
Felma Izar, BSBA, 973-972-8951


Important financial links:

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image University Hospital Charity Care: 973-972-8300

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