The Healthcare Team

Having the Healthy Heart Program involved in your care, can ensure you that you are never alone. We can help you target all areas of your health because we have the right people to do it. The Healthy Heart team consists of the following team members:

Cardiologist and Advanced Practice Nurse will clinically evaluate each patient during their clinic visits.

A Pharmacist provides individualized counseling and explains what each medication does and the possible side effects each one may cause.

Clinical Care Coordinators make follow-up phone calls after each visit and ensure that patients follow up with labs and ordered tests.

A Registered Dietitian helps patients learn more healthy ways of preparing food, using less salt and fat. Suggestions for maintaining a heart healthy diet will be structured to each person’s individual needs and lifestyle.

Patient Navigator provides patients with direction for appointments, helps coordinate care and resources.

A Health Educator helps patients maintain healthful lifestyles through positive behavior changes such as smoking cessation and reduces risky behaviors that are harmful to one’s health, through education and continued reinforcement.

A Social Worker helps resolve some of the barriers patients may face, for example paying for medication, applying for housing or getting transportation to doctors’ appointments.

A Mental Health Clinician offers guidance on coping and overcoming negative emotions and help for those dealing with addictions.

Cardiac Rehab Specialist works with patients to improve their strength and flexibility through exercise.

Ambulatory Care Technicians ensure that patients are scheduled for upcoming doctors’ appointments and receive reminder calls to help them make it to their appointment on time.

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