Online Learning Formats

In an effort to meet the changing needs of our clients, the Office of Learning and Organizational Development has developed a variety of on-line learning formats to provide easy access to key learning content that will help build skills and increase knowledge to enhance the learner’s job performance. There are two different formats available to you:

  1. Toolkits are brief and concise treatments of a topic and look similar to a newsletter. This medium contains tips, brief articles, related facts and models. Toolkits can provide the continuous learner easy access to essential information as needed.

    Toolkits can either be read on-line or printed for portability. To access the current toolkits available, click on any of the topics listed:

    Toolkit Topics:

  2. Self-Learning Packets (SLP’s) are courses that can be printed out and completed by employees at their own pace. Employees will be given credit for completing course assignments and an action plan that will require sign off by the supervisor. SLP’s are ideal for those individuals unable to attend classroom sessions or who do not have access to a computer. This medium fosters a learning partnership between the employee and the supervisor.

    Self-Learning Packets (SLP’s) are better suited for printing the file and working on the readings and assignments required. To access the SLP’s currently available, click on any of the topics listed below. Please read the SLP Instructions before beginning the course.

    Self-Learning Packet Instructions

    Self-Learning Packet Topics:

We are very interested in your comments, feedback or any questions you might have as you work with these new materials and formats. Please direct any questions/comments to Training and Organizational Development by either calling 973-972-6757 or sending an email to hrlearning@uhnj.org

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