When performing robotic surgery, surgeons are able use minimally invasive techniques that enable a higher level of precision. Our extensive experience with the latest and most advanced robotic platforms gives us the opportunity manage many complex and delicate surgical conditions that ensure the best possible result for each patient.

Our advance robotic platforms allow advanced imaging to help prevent surgical errors and dual consoles on which different expert surgeons can join forces for complex surgery. If you or a loved one needs surgery, make sure to explore all options including the least invasive surgical treatments available. General surgery procedures we perform on the robot include

  • Hernia Repair (ventral, incision, umbilical, inguinal, hiatal, diaphragmatic)
  • Appendectomy (appendix removal due to appendicitis)
  • Cholecystectomy (gall bladder surgery)
  • Heller Myotomy (surgery for inability to swallow)
  • Lysis of Adhesions (for intestinal blockage)
  • Acid reflux disease surgery (Nissen or partial fundoplication)
  • Small Bowel Resection (for intestinal obstruction)
  • Splenectomy (removal of the spleen)
  • Colon and Rectal Surgery (left, right, or Sigmoid for cancer, diverticulitis, and many other colon and rectal diseases)


  • Arpit N. Amin, MD
  • Melissa Alvarez-Downing, MD
  • Lloyd G. Brown, MS, MD
  • Flavio Paterno, MPH, MD


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