Department of Radiology - Medical Staff


Body Imaging (CT/MR/ultrasound)

Humaira Chaudhry, MD, Division Chief Diagnostic Imaging, Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs, Chief of Service of University Hospital

John Sabatino, MD

Basil Hubbi, MD

Pilar Salvador MD


Breast Center (Mammography/Ultrasound/Biopsy)

Basil Hubbi, MD, Director of Breast Imaging

Pilar Salvador MD


Interventional Radiology ( CT/MR/ Angiography)

Sohail Contractor, MD, MBB

Sharon Gonzales, MD

Piotr Kisza, MD, Director of Quality Assurance

David Klyde, MD

Abhishek Kumar, MD

Pratik Shukla, MD


Musculoskeletal Imaging (CT/MR)

Cornelia Wenokor, MD

Judah Goldschmiedt, MD


Neuroradiology (CT/MR)

Huey-Jen Lee, MD, Division Chief  

Esther Nimchinsky, MD, PhD


Nuclear Medicine (Nuclear medicine, PET/CT)

Yiyan Liu, MD, PhD, Section Chief

Jiefu Zheng, MD


Thoracic Radiology (CT/MR)

Pierre Maldjian, MD, Director of Thoracic Imaging


Emergency Radiology

Robert J. Dym, MD, Section Chief of Emergency Radiology

Mahmoud Dakhel, MD,

Ankur Parikh, MD,

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