Podiatric Clerkship at University Hospital

University Hospital offers clerkship opportunities as well as core rotations for third and fourth year Podiatric Medical Students from all nine Podiatric Medical Schools. Students are welcome to rotate with us all year long, and we currently accept up to four students per month.

At University Hospital, students get the opportunity to rotate through our very busy outpatient clinic as well as the operating room where they get exposed to a wide variety of foot and ankle pathology, including the diabetic foot, reconstructive surgery and trauma in both the pediatric and adult populations. In addition, we offer daily teaching rounds of all inpatients with attendings and residents. Academic meetings are also held on a weekly basis. University Hospital is a level I trauma center.

Our primary objective is to teach students on a daily basis to broaden their knowledge base.  It is our hope to develop students who practice with the highest ethical standards and who ultimately will become the future leaders in our profession.

All clerkship applications must be made through www.dpmclerkships.org.

For more information regarding the clerkship at University Hospital, you may refer to the Clerkship Handbook, which can be found on www.dpmclerkships.org.

To set up a visit or a core rotation or if there are any questions, please contact Dr. Sonia Mvuemba, the Clerkship Director, at mvuembs4@uhnj.org

Podiatric Clerkship Forms
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