For Patients

You have the right to choose your pharmacy and transfer your care at any time.

Treating chronic conditions is complex. We can help!

The University Hospital Community Pharmacy program closely connects your clinic care with your pharmacy care.

Our team will help answer and address insurance-related questions and support your provider through the pharmacy prior authorization process. We also offer language and interpretation services to help patients who speak a language other than English to better communicate with our care team. Our goal is to provide fully integrated services to deliver the best possible care
to you.

Disease states we treat include: Hemophilia Blood Products, Hepatitis C, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and other Autoimmune Disorders, Human Immune Deficiency Virus (HIV), Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH), Asthma, Crohn’s Disease, and Hepatitis B, Diabetes, Transplant, Oncology and more.

Patient Services Include:

  • Consultations, education, medication counseling
  • Personalized refill coordination
  • Monitoring for adherence, nutrition, side effects, and drug interactions
  • Medication authorizations
  • Medication appeals
  • Financial assistance programs
  • Prescription transfers
  • Coordination of care with providers & other pharmacies
  • Delivery for all medications, at no extra cost

The University Hospital offers free language assistance to patients whose primary languages are not English or for those who are visually/hearing impaired. Patients may contact us directly and we will establish connection with the interpreter.

Our pharmacists monitor your treatment therapy for adherence, nutrition, drug interaction, side effects, and refills. Additional information may be found at The National Institutes of Health, which has an informative and searchable portal that has comprehensive information on medications. Click here to visit the NIH Drug Information Portal.

Directions for patients who are hearing or visually impaired (TDD/TDY)

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