How to Become a Partner

Community/Corporate Partners

We are delighted that you want to partner with us as much as we want to partner with you to achieve the Vision…” Partnering with our communities, University Hospital Improves health for generations to come.” Our objectives are:

  1.  To build strong community partnerships that endure and benefit our residents.
  2. To promote early detection of breast cancer.
  3. To reduce breast cancer deaths in New Jersey.
  4. Commit to reaching those typically underserviced.

Host Guidelines:

  • There are no fees to our partner organizations.
  • We provide mammograms to the insured and uninsured.
  • We require 25 pre-registered patients for an 8-hour day.
  • Partners are expected to promote the event.
  • Must have a suitable flat parking space (45’x15’x15’)
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