Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Our physicians provide exceptional care in the full range of plastic, aesthetic, and reconstructive surgery in the head and neck area. We provide treatment options for patients with complex deformities related to both trauma and cancer, as well as many other cosmetic issues.

Dr. Jean Anderson Eloy, MD. Dr. Elroy has extensive experience in functional rhinoplasty and has been fellowship-trained in all aspects of nasal issues, which range from nasal obstruction to cosmetic imperfections. He has a particular interest in trauma related reconstructive surgery of the midface and mandible.

Chan (Richard) Park, MD. Dr. Park is fellowship-trained in Microvascular Reconstructive Surgery and provides treatment options for patients with severe deformities after cancer resection and/or trauma. The ability to preform ablative cancer surgery and reconstructive surgery within the department has enabled patients to achieve improved swallowing, breathing, and cosmetic outcomes.

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