Department of Radiology - Medical Staff


Body Imaging (CT/MR/ultrasound)

Humaira Chaudhry, MD, Division Chief Diagnostic Imaging, Vice Chair of Clinical Affairs, Chief of Service of University Hospital

John Sabatino, MD

Helene Goldfarb, MD

Basil Hubbi, MD

Pilar Salvador MD


Breast Center (Mammography/Ultrasound/Biopsy)

Basil Hubbi, MD, Director of Breast Imaging

Pilar Salvador MD


Interventional Radiology ( CT/MR/ Angiography)

Sohail Contractor, MD, MBB

Sharon Gonzales, MD

>Piotr Kisza, MD, Director of Quality Assurance

David Klyde, MD

Abhishek Kumar, MD

Pratik Shukla, MD


Musculoskeletal Imaging (CT/MR)

Cornelia Wenokor, MD

Judah Goldschmiedt, MD


Neuroradiology (CT/MR)

Huey-Jen Lee, MD, Division Chief  

Esther Nimchinsky, MD, PhD


Nuclear Medicine (Nuclear medicine, PET/CT)

Yiyan Liu, MD, PhD, Section Chief

Jiefu Zheng, MD


Thoracic Radiology (CT/MR)

Pierre Maldjian, MD, Director of Thoracic Imaging


Emergency Radiology

Robert J. Dym, MD, Section Chief of Emergency Radiology

Mahmoud Dakhel, MD,

Ankur Parikh, MD,

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Department of Radiology – Medical Staff

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