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MEDICAL INFORMATICS @ UH – Access for research and quality review purposes is limited to UH medical staff members and UH employees. Medical Informatics Committee (MIC) approval is necessary in cases where the requestor does not have existing access according to their job/role at the University Hospital.   Access to clinical applications (i.e., Sovera, Epic, Logician) may be granted upon special request to the MIC.

A completed application is:
a) signed by a UH Chief of Service; and
b) includes ALL of the following documents:

  • University Hospital Research Plan
  • IRB Approval Letter or Modification Letter
  • Office of Clinical Research (OCRA) Chart Review Registration
  • Confidentiality Information Security Agreement Form
  • System-Specific Application Training Certificate*
  • HIPAA Training Certificate
  • University Hospital “Research Plan”

Download a Clinical Systems Access Form
Apply Online Here: UH EHR ACCESS FORM

Contact Us: 
Iris Herrera, MD
UH Chief Medical Information Officer

Jenene Newsome
Program Coordinator, EHR Implementation and Maintenance
140 Bergen Street, F-Level, RM. 1776
Newark, NJ 07103
973-972-9525 (Office)/ 973-972-2854 (Fax)

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