Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Program (HVIP)


University Hospital’s Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Program (HVIP) works with community partners, as ONE, to decrease victimization in our community. Being a victim of crime increases a person’s chance of becoming a victim again.

University Hospital is home to New Jersey’s busiest Level 1 Trauma Center and the Hospital’s HVIP serves patients at University Hospital who have suffered an injury due to a violent crime, such as gunshot wounds, stabbings, and assaults.

In collaboration with Newark Community Street Team (NCST) and Newark Community Solutions (NCS), HVIP provides care coordination services to survivors of interpersonal violence.

The program started accepting patients in 2017.

Focus Areas

University Hospital’s Hospital-based Violence Intervention Program (HVIP) supports individuals affected by community violence that occurs outside the home. As a result, the program:

  • Reduces the risk of victims of crime becoming a repeat victim.
  • Provides support to promote a healthy perspective and outlook on life.
  • Assists individuals with access to health and social services.
  • Improves the overall physical and mental health of our community.
  • Empowers patients with peer mentoring.
  • Guides patients on a path to successful recovery.


The University Hospital-based HVIP team works to provide peer mentorship and active referrals for:

  • Medical Care
  • Workforce Development
  • Higher learning
  • Legal Assistance
  • Housing Programs
  • Family Support
  • Mental Health Services
  • Psychosocial Support
  • Community Based Organizations Other Social Services

HVIP staff also assist participants with filing NJ Victim of Crime Compensation Office Applications, Individual Case Support, and Legal Advocacy.



Michael Ordonez, MAPCS
Program Manager, HVIP

Ikea Vandross, LSW
Social Worker 1, HVIP

Hermera Blanks, MSW
Community Health Worker, HVIP

Curtis Langley
Community Health Worker, HVIP

Osarieme Enabulele, BS
Community Health Worker, HVIP

Najlaa Shareef
NCST Director, HVIP

Steven Bethea
NCST Community Health Worker, HVIP

Crystal McCain
NCST Community Health Worker, HVIP

Tiffany MartinBradley
NCST Community Health Worker, HVIP

Contact Us:

Phone: 973-972-9809

Email: hvip@uhnj.org

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