Familiar Faces & Horizon Neighbors in Health Programs (FF & HNIH)


Familiar Faces & Horizon Neighbors in Health are two innovative community health programs that utilize chaplains, in the role of community healthcare workers, to improve health outcomes for Greater Newark residents. The program seeks to lessen dependency on emergency services as a primary resource for medical attention, and improve access to primary care services.

Our Community Health Chaplains function in a non-denominational spiritual role that is not restricted to any specific religions. They establish a mutual rapport and trust with the patients, identify their concerns and needs, and establish better communication with patients’ healthcare professionals. The aim is to increase access to personalized high-quality care, social services, behavioral health care and other community resources.

The Familiar Faces program has been servicing Greater Newark residents since February 2019. Horizon Neighbors in Health has been in service since June 2020.


Focus Areas

Community Healthcare Chaplains act as health and spiritual coaches, healthy lifestyle mentors, and liaisons between patients and the hospital, in order to:

  • Improve health outcomes for program participants
  • Lessen dependency on emergency services as a primary resource for medical attention
  • Improve access to primary care services
  • Empower patients to advocate for themselves
  • Address social determinants of health



Our Community Healthcare Chaplains:

  • Act as liaisons between patients and the hospitals.
  • Schedule medical, mental or community appointments and remind patients of such appointments.
  • Assist in referrals to housing, rental and utility assistance, workforce and job trainings, food pantries, Identification services, legal advocacy, domestic violence, medical, mental/behavioral providers, etc.


Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for Community Health Chaplain services, patients:

  • Must be 18 years of age and older
  • Residents of Greater Newark
  • Insured by commercial plans or Medicaid/Medicare
  • Have had 3 or more Emergency Room visits within the past 6 months.


Meet the Team

Both programs are staffed by a designated group of Community Healthcare Chaplains, Community Health Workers, Population Health Navigator, and a Community & Population Health Manager.

Familiar Faces

Reverend Dr. Victor Algarin, DMH, STM, MDiv
Community Healthcare Chaplain
(Born and raised in East Harlem, NY)

Reverend Dr. John R. Muniz, D. Min., BCCC, BCPC, BCMC
Community Healthcare Chaplain
(Born in New York City, raised in Brooklyn, and presently living in Jersey City, NJ for 35 years)

Horizon Neighbors in Health

Edna Dickson-Amoako, MPA Ches
(Born in Ghana, West Africa and raised in Ghana and the USA)

Caroline Atahualpa
Community Health Worker

Michelle Lamberty Benites
Community Health Worker

Sharae Robinson
Community Health Worker

Connie Munoz
Community Healthcare & Population Health Manager


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