Rehabilitation Therapy Services

(973) 972-3466 for inpatients and (973) 972-2801 for outpatients.

Therapy services focus on maximizing the performance and independence levels of individuals whose lives are interrupted or delayed by insult, injury, illness, or disease. Unless otherwise noted, therapy services are available to both inpatients and outpatients.


Rehabilitation Therapy Services – Cardiac Rehabilitation – Phases I, II, III

Michael J. Katz, PT, Manager

This program consists of exercise using state-of-the-art telemetry and education on risk factor intervention. It is designed for patients following myocardial infarction, coronary angioplasty, coronary revascularization, stable angina pectoris, valvular replacement, and other manifestations of heart disease, including congestive heart failure.

Cardiac Rehab Team
Victor Castaneda, MSPT
Jennifer Flemming, RN, M.S.
Jenna Mirabella, M.S.

Rehabilitation Therapy Services – Hand Service

The hand program is provided by occupational therapy services and incorporates physical therapy services as indicated. The program provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment of pathologies of the hand and upper extremity. The team includes a certified hand therapist.

Appointments: (973) 972-2800

Jeong Hu, OTR, CHT
Payal Patel, OTR
Dawn Stackewicz, OTR
Kelly Thacker, OTR, CHT
Ruchi Vaccher, OTR

Rehabilitation Therapy Services – Occupational Therapy

Annette V. McCullough-Chambers, O.T.R., Manager

Occupational therapy offers evaluation and treatment in two practice areas:
The specialty area of Physical Dysfunction provides evaluation and treatment for the following: nerve and tendon repairs, orthopaedic-related injuries, reconstructive surgeries to the hands, open and closed head injuries, cerebral vascular accidents, spinal cord injuries and burns. Services include: splinting fabrication, adaptive equipment design and consultation, activities of daily living intervention, visual-perceptual motor remediation, pressure garment and device fabrication and fitting, functional cognitive reintegration, edema and pain reduction, and sensory motor/sensibility retraining .
The specialty area of Psycho-Social Dysfunction (limited to inpatient acute care psychiatry) provides purposeful activities to develop and maintain a patient’s ego-strength, self-image, socialization skills, and productivity. Therapeutic activities are designed to assist in adapting or developing skills in home management, self care, consumer tasks, use of community resources, pre-vocational training, cognitive skills, and social and interpersonal coping techniques.

Rehabilitation Therapy Services – Pediatric Program

The service consists of occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech-language pathology. The focus is on the early detection and treatment of movement disorders, and the improvement of oral-motor development, feeding and functional performance in self-care, play and school activities.
Appointments: (973) 972-2800

Nidhi Gupta, MSPT
Avani Malankar, MSPT
Yajaira Rodriguez, OTR
Linda Tucker, CCC-SP
Ruchi Vacchar, OTR

Rehabilitation Therapy Services – Physical Therapy

Michael J. Katz, PT, Manager

The Physical Therapy Division offers traditional therapy services in the following areas: orthopaedics, neurology, medical/surgical, pain management, work conditioning, post-trauma, wound care (including burns), sports medicine, pediatrics, cardiac rehabilitation. Therapists are also available for consultation on special seating, assistive devices for ambulation, home adaptive equipment, postural support devices, and general rehabilitation equipment. The division has particular interest in body mechanics training and spine rehabilitation and is available for job site ergonomic assessments to reduce worker injury.

Rehabilitation Therapy Services – Speech-Language Pathology Services

Ann Gulyas, CCC-SLP, Manager

The Speech-Language Pathology Division focuses on the evaluation and treatment of children and adults who have speech, language, cognitive and swallowing disorders. Therapists focus on managing the communication and/or swallowing disorder in the most functional way possible.

Rehabilitation Therapy Services – Therapeutic Recreation

Annette V. McCullough-Chambers, O.T.R., Liaison

This program, currently limited to inpatient acute care psychiatry, involves the use of recreation to improve or maintain mental functioning to assist individuals in expressing independent leisure lifestyles. It includes a continuum of services, including therapy, leisure education, and recreation participation. Services are provided through one-to-one or group therapy sessions.

Rehabilitation Therapy Services – WorkForce

Michael J. Katz, PT, Manager

This program provides industrial medicine services in six components: outpatient work conditioning; spine rehabilitation; functional capacity evaluation; job site analysis; pre-placement screening; and back education workshops. It is staffed by experts in the field and is supported by state-of-the-art equipment.

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Rehabilitation Therapy Services

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