Child Life Department

Albert Perrella, MA, Certified Child Life Specialist, Director

(973) 972-1189, 5883 pager: (973) 312-3488

The Child Life Department at University Hospital is a therapeutic play and activities program that is designed to assist children to cope with the emotional and developmental impact of hospitalization, illness and medical treatment.

The professionally trained staff, assisted by volunteers and student interns, meets the needs of hospitalized children and adolescents by providing age appropriate and therapeutic play activities to foster continued growth and development as well as to encourage the free expression of feelings and a sense of mastery to offset the abnormal experience of hospitalization.

The Child Life staff gets to know the pediatric patients by working with them in a relaxed, non-threatening environment. Assessment and identification of each child’s needs enables the staff to provide suitable play experiences. The pediatric playroom and the adolescent activity room are areas in the hospital where no treatment or medical examinations should be carried out.

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Child Life Department

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