Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Chen Liu, MD, Ph.D, Chair and Chief of Service
Seena Aisner, MD, Vice Chair

The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine provides clinical diagnostic support and consultation services through a comprehensive array of examinations. Subspecialty expertise is available in the department’s clinical and research laboratories in fields such as lymphocyte markers and functions, molecular diagnostics, and immunopathology, among others.

Seena Aisner, MD
Ada Baisre de Leon, MD
Michele Burday, Ph.D.
Joan Durbin, MD, Ph.D.
Valerie Fitzhugh, MD
Mark A. Galan, MD
Anthony E. Grygotis, MD
Debra Heller, MD
Kenneth M. Klein, MD
Ranie Koshy, MD
W. Clark Lambert, MD, PhD
Neena Mirani, MD
Stephen Peters, MD
Leroy R. Sharer, MD
George P. Studzinski, MD, PhD
Qing Wang, MD, Ph.D.

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Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

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