Orthopaedic Trauma

Joseph Benevenia, MD, Chief of Service

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The Division specializes in the treatment of difficult fractures, dislocations and other injuries to the extremities and the pelvis. Orthopedic traumatologist have special expertise handling the treatment problems and complications that often occur after these difficult injuries. That expertise includes the management of complex rehabilitation plans,fracture complications including nonunions, malunions, short limbs and infections, as well as, limb-lengthening and deformity corrections and corrective osteotomies.

The three trauma specialists at University Hospital are all experienced in managing these complex injuries as well as problems or complications that may arise from their care. They are members in the Orthopaedic Trauma Association and are prominent authors and lecturers on the subject of fracture care and treatment
Dr. Sirkin has a special interest in severe fractures of the ankle and heel bones and also in the treatment of bone infections after other fracture surgeries.

Dr. Reilly has a special interest in treatment of fractures of the hip socket (acetabulum) and pelvis as well as in the reconstruction of hip and pelvis problems resulting from old fractures or adult hip dysplasia.

Dr. Adams’ clinical interests include complex fractures of the upper and lower extremities, complications, and post-traumatic reconstruction.

Mark Reilly, MD
Michael Sirkin, MD
Mark Adams, MD

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Orthopaedic Trauma

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