Hand and Microvascular Surgery

Joseph Benevenia, MD, Chief of Service

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The division provides diagnosis and treatment of all operative and non-operative hand and upper extremity conditions. Problems of the hand and elbow may include nerve compression syndromes such as carpal tunnel syndrome; degenerative or systemic arthritic conditions, traumatic injuries, tumors and congenital deformities. Careful physical examination as well as comprehensive diagnostic testing (x-ray, EMG, MRI) are essential to confirm the diagnosis. While many problems can be treated with conservative care such as splinting and physical therapy, when surgical intervention is needed our team often uses microsurgery as an integral part of the treatment plan. Regardless of the treatment course, the ultimate goal is to restore function and strength or improve motion of the hand.

Irfan Ahmed, MD

Michael Vosbikian, MD

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Hand and Microvascular Surgery

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