Skull Base Surgery

Chirag Gandhi, MD, Chief of Service

Routine and complex skull base approaches are utilized to treat a wide variety of lesions. Superior collaborative relationships with Otolayngology, including subspecialists in neuro-otology, Plastic Surgery, and Craniofacial Surgery assure the optimal approach for each individual patient.

Anterior skull base approaches are used to treat a wide range of lesions, including traumatic, infectious, and neoplastic conditions. Precise imaging techniques, including intraoperative MRI, are employed, and advances in the endoscopic treatment of pituitary tumors are being explored.

Posterior approaches are employed with the assistance of neuro-otologists to treat patients with acoustic neuromas and other tumors of the cerebellopontine angle, tumors of the juglar foramen, as well as traumatic injuries to the facial nerve.


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Skull Base Surgery

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