Pediatric Neurosurgery

Chirag Gandhi, MD, Chief of Service

The Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery offers the most experienced, technologically advanced, and comprehensive program in New Jersey. It is dedicated to helping pediatricians manage the spectrum of pediatric neurosurgical cases, including tumors, seizures, AVMs, and trauma. The Division manages a high number of pediatric brain tumors and offers the most advanced procedures in computer-guided and minimally invasive surgical techniques.

The Division is the only source in New Jersey for the placement of programmable shunts for hydrocephalus. With this device, changes of shunt valve pressure can be accomplished in the office without the need for an invasive procedure. Particular expertise is also available in craniofacial surgery. Working in full cooperation with Plastic Surgery, Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery, Otolaryngology, and Neurology, the program applies craniofacial techniques to tumors involving the base of the skull.

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Pediatric Neurosurgery

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