Information for Vendors

Thank you for your interest in the University Hospital.

The Supply Chain Management Department serves the entire University Hospital community.  As a supplier to UH, you play a vital role in the delivery of quality goods and services. You are part of the supply process that begins and ends with our customers. We place a high interest on New Jersey Set-Aside, SmallMinority and Women Owned Businesses. We look forward to developing a relationship that is meaningful, efficient and mutually beneficial.

Reporting Compliance: Ethics Concerns and Fraud, Waste and Abuse Protection, and Federal Deficit Reduction – Issue No. 831-200-962


Compliance Requirements

To conduct business with University Hospital, the State of New Jersey, Department of the Treasury, mandates that the following requirements are met:

Step 1: BUSINESS REGISTRATION – Register as a business with the State of New Jersey’s Division of Revenue (if not previously registered)

Step 2: CHAPTER 51/EXECUTIVE ORDER 117 – Register as a vendor in CH51 (if not previously registered)

Step 3: AFFIRMATIVE ACTION COMPLIANCE – Provide a photocopy of a valid Certificate of Employee (Information Report document with expiration date or proof of Affirmative Action compliance)

Step 4: ACORD Certificate of Insurance Form – Provide a copy of your ACORD Certificate of Insurance Form from your Insurance Agent as proof of insurance.

UH Vendor Compliance Requirements

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