Vendor Complaint Process

Download the Vendor Complaint Form


Guidelines for Completing Vendor Complaint Form

Supply Chain Management has established a process for objectively reviewing and resolving vendor complaints submitted in writing by faculty or staff. To initiate the proces,a Vendor Complaint Report, available here, must be completed.

The individual submitting the Vendor Complaint Report must complete Items 1-5 of the report, sign the report, and email a completed form to uhpurchasing@uhnj.org.

Instructions for completing the report as follows:

Item 1– Enter the complete name and address of your department. Include contact person and telephone number.

Item 2– Enter the name and address of vendor. Include contact person and telephone number.

Item 3– Please indicate valid, current Purchase Order number; indicate total cost of commodity or service.

Item 4– Check appropriate box describing nature of complaint. If “Other” is checked, please explain in detail. Attach an additional sheet concerning the nature of complaint, if necessary.

Item 5– Provide a detailed explanation of the complaint. Do not enter “See Attached” in this block. Begin the explanation on form and attach a continuation sheet if necessary.

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