Procurement Requests

Procurement Process Overview for Purchases in Excess of $40,000

As of July 1, 2015, the process for submitting a procurement request has changed.  The new process is detailed below.

    1. The requestor must obtain approval for the procurement from the appropriate party in the requestor’s department.
    2. Download and complete the Procurement Intake Form. This form is required for all types of procurements including requests for proposal (RFP), waivers, state contracts, etc.

Note: Requestors seeking a waiver of the advertised bidding statutes will no longer complete the waiver application form.

  1. Submit the form to the Procurement Services Department (PS) email address: uhpurchasing@uhnj.org.
  2. Once PS receives the form, PS will determine the best method (RFP, waiver, state contracts, etc.) for procurement.
  3. PS will return the Form to the requestor indicating the method of procurement and the buyer that has been assigned to the procurement.
  4. The buyer will guide the requestor through the remainder of the procurement process.

For procurement related inquiries or assistance, please contact Procurement Services at (973) 972-1245 or uhpurchasing@uhnj.org.

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