Mark A. Lattouf, MD,

Mark A. Lattouf

Mark A. Lattouf, MD,

Mark A. Lattouf, MD has extensive career experience in clinical medicine focusing on dermatology and biologic therapy. His career has been focused in industry where he has gained substantial experience in business development, translational medicine, and in health economics and outcomes research. Dr. Lattouf is currently the National Director of Medical Affairs for a large international Pharmaceutical Company based in New Jersey. He is involved with clinical strategy and leads the translational medicine team aimed at discovering novel molecules and diagnostic tools for the advancement of clinical medicine for greater patient care. While in this role Dr. Lattouf manages a multimillion-dollar budget, while leading a medical team throughout the U.S.

In addition to his leadership roles, He has been involved with numerous clinical trials as well as authorships and podium presentations at state and national conferences. He has led Managed Markets teams delivering clinically relevant scientific data and advocating for drug coverage policies and management. Dr. Lattouf is also an Adjunct Professor at Allied Health Universities in Florida in the disciplines of Clinical Medicine, Infectious Disease, Dermatology and Genetics.

Dr. Lattouf received his MD from Spartan Health Sciences University School of Medicine, he is married with two children and spends his free time traveling with his family.

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