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Plane CrashAmazing Medicine Practiced Here

These are just a few examples of patients who have come to University Hospital and received extraordinary treatments and had positive outcomes. Highly skilled, renowned physicians use cutting-edge procedures and technology to accomplish the seemingly impossible almost every day. view video.


Plane CrashWhy I Love My Hearing Technology!

Twelve-year-old Jesse Salano has two cochlear implants, which he says have "rocked his world." UH is one of only three hospitals in New Jersey that do cochlear implants.
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Plane CrashGrateful patient Tim Monticchio thanks University Hospital

In May of 2013, a small plane crashed in Linden, killing the pilot and critically injuring Tim Monticchio. Tim was taken to University Hospital.
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Leona BrownLeona Brown thanks University Hospital

Leona Brown of Newark fell and badly damaged her hip. The accident left her in severe pain and barely able to walk. Watch her describe how the hip replacement surgery she received at University Hospital, and the care that followed, were life-changing.
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