Language Services at University Hospital
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Please print the document shown below and share with your staff.

The attached document outlines the UH Language Service Program and includes the following information:

  • How to reach the language line for a phone interpreter
  • A current listing of all volunteer staff interpreters
  • How to contact Patient Relations to have a document translated
  • How to access the Deaf-Talk mobile carts for immediate sign language interpreting services
  • How to request an in-person sign language interpreter if the mobile cart cannot be used

It is the hospital’s responsibility to provide interpreter services to any patient, at any time, and at no cost.
Patients should never be told to provide their own interpreter.

Contact the Patient Relations Department at ext. 2-6410 if you have any questions.




The Patient Relations Department coordinates the language interpretation and document translation services for University Hospital. 

The language services program is coordinated by:

Olivia Valentino-Davis
Administrative Coordinator
Patient Relations Department
University Hospital, C-242
(973) 972-6410

There are several ways to ensure clear communication with patients who have limited or no English proficiency.

REMEMBER: It is the hospital’s responsibility to provide interpreter services to any patient, at any time, and at no cost.

UH Volunteer Interpreter Directory:

The UH Volunteer Interpreter Directory is produced by the Patient Relations Department. Please contact the Patient Relations Department to obtain a copy. You are encouraged to use volunteer interpreters when possible. If you have any questions or wish to be included in the list of interpreters, please contact Olivia Valentino-Davis at ext. 2-6410.

Phone Interpretation Services:

If an interpreter is not available you can use the Translation Plus Interpretation Telephone Service by dialing (888) 338-5511.

When the operator answers, you will need to provide:

  • Our customer code: TPUH

  • The language you need interpreted

  • Your department/Unit/Clinic Name (e.g., E-Blue, Radiology, ENT clinic, etc.)

  • Your name and phone number

Dual headsets, that allow both you and the patient to speak to the phone interpreter at the same time, can be ordered by contacting Olivia Valentino-Davis at ext. 2-6410.

Document Translation Services:

If you have a need to translate a document from English to another language, you must use the professional translation services provided by the hospital. Do not undertake the translation   yourself or ask a colleague to assist. It is important that all documents are translated as accurately and professionally as possible.

You may submit documents for translation to Olivia Valentino-Davis at Documents should be submitted via email in MSWord. 

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services:

Deaf Talk: Through the Patient Relations Department, Deaf Talk provides video sign language interpreting services via a mobile video conferencing unit (rolling cart) which offers a simple solution of sign language interpretation to its hearing/speech impaired patient population. If necessary, a in-person interpreter can be scheduled with prior arrangements to facilitate communication between the hearing /speech impaired patient and the treating physician or health care worker. The requesting service should contact Olivia Valentino-Davis at least 48 hours in advance, who will then contact a qualified Sign Language interpreter to be present during the patient’s visit. Mrs. Valentino-Davis can be reached at ext. 2-6410.

The mobile video conferencing unit is available at the following locations:

  • ACC (Ambulatory Care Center): Contact person is Annette Chambers at ext. 2-5102 or 2-4965 in Administration; D-level room# 1733, from 9am-5pm Monday thru Friday

  • Bed Management Department: UH / room # C-454 ext. 4050 24 hours/7 days per week

  • Emergency Department: Contact Charge Nurse at ext. 2-4265 or 5123 24 hours/7 days per week. The Mobile Cart is located in Fast Track.

  • Patient Relations Office: UH/Contact person is Olivia Valentino-Davis  room C-242 ext. 2-6410 from 9am-5pm Monday thru Friday

If a patient refuses to use the mobile video conferencing unit or the mobile unit is not functioning AND the Patient Relations Department is closed, in-person sign languages interpreters can be obtained by contacting one of the following approved agencies:

  • Natural Languages:  201-984-2505

  • ASL Services:  732-873-6401

Please advise the Patient Relations Department ASAP that you have made these arrangements.


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