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Below are some critical drug information lists from the Pharmacy Department:

UMDNJ-University Hospital: Standardized Drug Concentrations

These drug concentrations have been standardized at UH as part of our compliance with the National Patient Safety Goals. By using only standardized concentrations we reduce the potential for inaccurate dosing.

Generic Name   Brand Name   Concentration   Diluents (Special Notes  
Abciximab   ReoproŽ   4.5mL (9 mg)/ 250 mL   D5W or NS  

Aminophylline       500mg/250mL   D5W  

Amiodarone   Cordarone ®   900mg/500mL   D5W (Glass Bottle)  

Cisatracurium   Nimbex ®   100mg/100mL   D5W  

Diltiazem   Cardizem ®   125mg/100mL   D5W (Total Volume 125mL)  

Dopamine       400mg/250mL

If Fluids are Restricted: 800mg/250mL

D5W (premixed)

D5W (premixed)


Dobutamine       250mg/250mL (pre-mixed)

If Fluids are Restricted:




Epinephrine       1mg/250mL   D5W  

Eptifibatide   Integrilin ®   75mg/100mL   Premixed  

Heparin       25,000units/250mL   D5W  

Insulin (Regular)       100units/100mL   NS  

Lidocaine       2grams/500mL   D5W  

Morphine       100mg/100mL   D5W  

Nesiritide   Natrecor ®   1.5mg/250mL   D5W  

Procainamide       2gram/500mL   D5W  

Propofol   Diprivan ®   1gram/100mL   Premixed  
Rev: Standardized Drug Concentration & High Risk02/05  


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