The Comprehensive Stroke Center at University    Hospital

The Stroke Center Team


The stroke team is a multidisciplinary team led by the Stroke Center Director, who is a Vascular Neurologist.  Physician members include vascular neurologists, endovascular neurosurgeons, vascular surgeons, emergency department physicians, cardiologists, and medical intensivists.  A Nurse Practitioner and Registered Nurses from the Stroke Unit, medical and cardiac ICU and neuro ICU are represented.  Other members include: Case Managers, Social Workers, Clinical Pharmacists, Radiology staff, EMS services, Nursing Educators, OT/PT/SLP staff, Nutritionists, and QI Specialists.

Members work together to provide direct patient care to establish protocols and policies, meeting objectives for staff education, patient education and outreach, and to monitor core measures and carry out quality assurance activities.