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The Comprehensive Stroke Center at University Hospital

The Comprehensive Stroke Center at University Hospital is one of New Jersey's leading academically based comprehensive stroke programs and was established to provide early diagnosis and management of acute stroke and to reduce the disability and mortality from stroke.

The Center is staffed and equipped to evaluate, treat and prevent all forms of stroke and vascular conditions leading to stroke. Treatment modalities include surgical and drug treatments, as well as innovative endovascular procedures including intra-arterial tPA, mechanical clot-busting, angioplasty with stenting, and embolic protection in the removal of blockages in the brain. The Neurointerventional team at University Hospital strives to exceed national procedural outcome standards. A delivery of a broad range of neurointerventional care at a high-volume Comprehensive Stroke Center has resulted in a unique level of expertise and exceptional outcomes. Our current risk of stroke during a diagnostic cerebral angiogram is 1.5% which is below the national average.

The most appropriate level of care is offered to stroke patients in specialized intensive care and stroke units staffed by trained stroke specialists. Rapid diagnosis is aided by the latest imaging techniques, including CT-angiography and magnetic resonance angiography (MRA).