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PALS Online

AHA approved PALS e-learning


  • Certification in PALS can be acheived by taking a online course that will take the average user 6-8 hours to complete.
  • User takes the final written test online
  • Once the online exam is completed the student contacts the CTC at 973-972-4373 and/or via email at and makes an appointment for the Part 2, "hands on skills testing".
  • Skills testing is free for employees of UH (if required for your job) and $75.00 for non affiliated persons.


How to Register

  • Register/make payment online at:
  • Go the the course catalogue and proceed to the course offering entitled, "Heartcode PALS  Part 1" - AHA product # 90-1420
  • BE WARY OF NON AHA COURSES - do not enter "PALS" into a search engine. Non AHA courses are NOT accredited and we do not provide skills testing for non AHA online courses
  • Please make sure you only use Any questions, give us a call at 973-972-4373, during non business hours 973-487-8771


Fees associated with online education on the website are NOT reimbursable to UMDNJ employees. Classroom courses are free to employees of UMDNJ/UH when required for your job title.