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University Hospital - Newark, NJ

UH Pediatric Services - Frequently Asked Questions


Is University Hospital changing how pediatric care is delivered?

University Hospital has initiated a formal process with the New Jersey Department of Health to reduce the level of pediatric services provided at the hospital to align with the current demand for these services. This will not change University Hospital's commitment and responsibility to provide emergency and trauma services, as well as outpatient care, to children. To be clear, there will be no changes to our trauma capabilities, capacity or service that the hospital provides.


Why did University Hospital decide to make changes to its pediatric services now?

University Hospital is focused on what is in the best interest of all our patients and the broader community we serve. Our goal with this decision is to ensure that the Newark community maintains access to the highest quality of care, and medical staff and services for their children. It is also important to note that University Hospital is not eliminating pediatric care. The services University Hospital provides are being scaled based on hospital data with respect to the number of pediatric patients that are treated on a daily basis.


Will children still be treated at University Hospital?

Yes. University Hospital anticipates continuing to serve tens of thousands of pediatric patients that come to the hospital each year. Additionally, University Hospital is keeping several beds available for children in need of emergency and trauma services. University Hospital will remain the first stop for patients of all ages to receive the medical attention they need, no matter the circumstance.


Will University Hospital remain a Level 1 Trauma Center?

Yes. University Hospital has a unique responsibility as the region's only Level 1 Trauma Center, and we have been careful in ensuring that any changes to pediatric services will not compromise our Level 1 1 designation.


Under the current plan, how will University Hospital determine when patients get transferred to Newark Beth Israel?

As a Level 1 Trauma Center, University Hospital will continue to provide emergency and trauma services to children who are brought to the hospital. We will maintain pediatric services and staff at the hospital to provide this care. Once pediatric patients are treated and stabilized, they will be transferred to Newark Beth Israel for continued care.


How will the community have a say in this decision?

The New Jersey Department of Health has a formal process for reviewing applications of this nature. University Hospital is following that process, which include opportunities for public input. The first public meeting was held at University Hospital on May 16, 2018. Additional information about public meetings will be made available upon scheduling.


When is University Hospital planning to implement these changes to pediatric services?

University Hospital will implement the proposed changes to pediatric services in the Summer of 2018.